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02/11/16 Arcadia Biosciences Announces Departure of CEO for Medical Reasons and Changes in Board of Directors
01/13/16 Arcadia Biosciences’ CEO to Take Short-Term Medical Leave
12/30/15 Arcadia Biosciences Refinances and Consolidates Debt with Silicon Valley Bank, Reducing Cost of Capital
12/08/15 Arcadia Biosciences and BGI to Create Global Non-GM Genetic Resource for Rice
12/02/15 Dow AgroSciences and Arcadia Biosciences Form Strategic Collaboration to Develop and Commercialize Corn Traits
11/09/15 Arcadia Biosciences to Present at Morgan Stanley Global Chemicals and Agriculture Conference Today
11/05/15 Arcadia Biosciences Announces Third Quarter 2015 Financial Results And Business Highlights
11/03/15 Arcadia Biosciences to Present at Morgan Stanley Global Chemicals and Agriculture Conference
10/28/15 Field Trials Show Average Yield Increases of 19 Percent in Nitrogen Use Efficient Rice
10/15/15 Arcadia Biosciences Announces Date of Third-Quarter 2015 Financial Results and Business Highlights Conference Call
10/12/15 Arcadia Biosciences Receives US Patent for Resistant Starch Wheat Technology
10/06/15 Arcadia Biosciences Receives Final Regulatory Approval for Stress Tolerant Soybeans in Argentina Through Verdeca Joint Venture
10/05/15 Arcadia Biosciences Announces CFO Change; Names Steve Brandwein as Interim CFO
09/17/15 Arcadia Biosciences, Bioceres and TMG to Develop Soybeans with Non-GM Agronomic and Product Quality Traits Through New Collaboration
09/15/15 Arcadia Biosciences to Present at Credit Suisse Small & Mid Cap Conference
09/09/15 Nitrogen Use Efficient Rice Demonstrates an Average Yield Increase of 30 Percent in Four Years of Field Trials
08/26/15 Verdeca’s HB4 Stress Tolerance Trait Completes US Food and Drug Administration Early Food Safety Evaluation
08/10/15 Arcadia Biosciences Announces Second-Quarter and First-Half 2015 Financial Results and Business Highlights
07/29/15 Arcadia Biosciences Receives European Patent for Water Use Efficiency Trait Technology
07/22/15 Arcadia Biosciences Announces Date of Second-Quarter 2015 Business Results
07/07/15 Stress-Tolerant Soybeans to be Advanced Through New Collaboration By Bioceres, Arcadia Biosciences, and TMG
06/23/15 Arcadia Biosciences’ Gamma-Linolenic Acid Safflower Meal Receives Approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for Use in Animal Feed
06/18/15 Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. Closes Underwriters’ Option to Purchase Additional Shares
06/16/15 Arcadia Biosciences and Phytola Collaborate to Increase Oil Content in Soybeans
06/09/15 Arcadia Biosciences’ Nitrogen Use Efficiency Trait Completes US Food and Drug Administration Early Food Safety Evaluation
05/14/15 Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering
04/30/15 Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. Commences Initial Public Offering
04/28/15 Dow AgroSciences, Arcadia Biosciences and Bioceres Collaborate to Develop and Commercialize Soybean Traits
04/27/15 Bioceres and Arcadia Biosciences Receive Regulatory Approval for Stress-Tolerant Soybeans in Argentina through Verdeca Joint Venture
04/15/15 Study Shows Nitrogen Use Efficiency Trait Increases Biomass of Sugarcane
03/24/15 Three Years of Field Trials With Nitrogen-Efficient Rice Demonstrate Significant Yield Increases
03/12/15 Arcadia Biosciences Welcomes Chief Financial Officer
02/17/15 Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. Files Registration Statement for Proposed Initial Public Offering
02/09/15 Arcadia Biosciences and Mahyco Achieve Product Development Milestone for Water Use Efficient Rice
10/14/14 Arcadia Biosciences is Named in the 2014 Global Cleantech 100
10/07/14 Arcadia Biosciences and ArborGen To Develop Drought-Tolerant and Nitrogen-Efficient Eucalyptus Trees
08/20/14 New Functional Nutrition Powder From Arcadia Biosciences and ZoomEssence Delivers High Doses of GLA
07/17/14 Arcadia Biosciences Receives U.S. Patent for Extended Shelf Life Tomatoes
06/17/14 Arcadia Biosciences Launches SONOVA® ULTRA GLA Safflower Oil
05/08/14 Arcadia Biosciences Raises $33 Million Series D Investment
02/28/14 Arcadia Biosciences and Bioceres Form Verdeca, an Agricultural Technology Joint Venture
02/21/14 Stacked Gene Traits Improve Plant Productivity Under Multiple Environmental Stresses
02/19/14 MIT Technology Review Names Arcadia Biosciences to Its 50 Smartest Companies List
02/04/14 Arcadia Biosciences Receives U.S. Patent for Nitrogen Use Efficiency Technology in Monocot Crops
01/22/14 Arcadia Biosciences and Mahyco Achieve Key Milestone for Salt Tolerant Rice
01/16/14 Arcadia Biosciences Licenses Water Use Efficiency Technology to Genective
12/19/13 Verdeca And GDM Seeds Collaborate To Develop And Commercialize Stress-Tolerant Soybeans
11/21/13 Arcadia Biosciences and DuPont Pioneer to Collaborate on Sorghum Technology Development
10/03/13 Arcadia Biosciences Receives $1.99 Million Grant to Develop Reduced-Gluten Grains
09/10/13 Field Trials of New Nitrogen Use Efficient Rice Show Increased Productivity, Leading to Increased Food Security and Reduced Fertilizer Dependence
08/15/13 Arcadia Biosciences, The University of California, Davis, and The Technion Announce Grant of Key Chinese Patent for Drought Tolerance Technology
07/30/13 Arcadia Biosciences and Mahyco Seed Company Achieve Key Nitrogen Use Efficient Rice Milestone
06/11/13 Arcadia Biosciences and African Agricultural Technology Foundation Collaborate on Test Planting of Nitrogen Use Efficient Rice
04/09/13 Arcadia Biosciences and DuPont Pioneer to Collaborate on the Development of Specialty Oil
02/06/13 Arcadia Biosciences and FuturaGene Enter Agreement to Develop Nitrogen Use Efficient and Water Use Efficient Eucalyptus and Poplar
01/24/13 China Ministry of Agriculture, Bureau of Seed Management Delegation Visits Arcadia Biosciences
12/19/12 U.N. Clean Development Mechanism Approves Arcadia Biosciences Methodology, Links Carbon Credits to Crop Genetic Improvements for First Time
11/16/12 Indo-US Consortium to Develop Drought Tolerant Pearl Millet for Asia and Africa
11/06/12 Arcadia Biosciences Named by AlwaysOn as GoingGreen Silicon Valley Global 200 Top Company for Second Consecutive Year
10/19/12 Arcadia Biosciences, USAID and CIMMYT to Develop Heat-tolerant Wheat
06/27/12 Arcadia Biosciences and Bioseed Research India to Develop Long Shelf Life Tomato
06/04/12 SESVanderHave and Arcadia Biosciences Achieve Field Performance Milestone for Nitrogen Use Efficient Sugar Beets
06/01/12 Arcadia Biosciences Receives Second Key Chinese Patent for Nitrogen Use Efficiency Technology
05/02/12 Arcadia Biosciences Receives Chinese Patent for Key Nitrogen Use Efficiency Technology
04/02/12 Arcadia Biosciences Takes Next Step to Enable Farmers to Receive Carbon Credits for Reduced Nitrogen Fertilizer Use
02/28/12 Arcadia Biosciences and Bioceres Form Verdeca, an Agricultural Technology Joint Venture
02/16/12 Arcadia Biosciences and United States Sugar Corporation Enter Into Agreement to Develop Nitrogen Use Efficient and Water Efficient Sugar Cane
01/31/12 Arcadia Recieves $4.5 Million Grant from USAID to Develop Salt-Tolerant Rice and Gather Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data from Nitrogen Efficient Crops
11/08/11 Arcadia Biosciences Nominated For Best Novel Agricultural Technology At Agrow Awards For Its Nitrogen Use Efficiency Technology
10/31/11 Arcadia Biosciences and the South African Sugarcane Research Institute to Develop Nitrogen Use Efficient Sugarcane
10/19/11 Arcadia Receives $950,000 Department of Energy ARPA-E Grant for Development of Plants Engineered to Replace Oil
09/20/11 Arcadia Biosciences Named By AlwaysOn To GoingGreen Global 200
06/24/11 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Appointments to the Advisory Committee on Biotechnology and 21st Century Agriculture
03/18/11 Arcadia Biosciences And SESVanderHave To Develop Water Efficient Sugar Beets
03/09/11 Arcadia Receives Grant Worth $1.02 Million From The US National Institutes For Health To Develop Resistant Starch-Enhanced Wheat
02/09/11 Arcadia Biosciences and Vilmorin to Develop Water Efficient Wheat
11/02/10 Arcadia Biosciences Adds Former USAID Executive to Management Team
10/26/10 Arcadia Biosciences and Advanta to Develop Water Efficient Sorghum
10/19/10 Arcadia Biosciences Receives Health Canada Clearance to Sell SONOVA™ 400 Natural Health Products in Canada
10/13/10 Arcadia Biosciences Expands Nutrition Business Management Team, Adds Experienced Nutrition Executive
05/03/10 Vilmorin Makes Equity Investment in Arcadia Biosciences; Announces Formation of North American Wheat Joint Venture
11/20/09 Arcadia Biosciences and Vilmorin Announce Strategic Alliance to Develop and Market Nitrogen Use Efficient Wheat
04/09/09 Arcadia Biosciences and Advanta to Develop Salt Tolerant Sorghum
01/07/09 Arcadia Biosciences Licenses Herbicide-Tolerant Wheat Technology and Plant Material to Targeted Growth, INC.
12/10/08 Arcadia Biosciences and the African Agricultural Technology Foundation Enter into Agreement for Development of Improved African Rice
12/02/08 Arcadia Biosciences Receives $3.6 Million USAID Grant to Develop Improved Crops in India
10/30/08 Arcadia Biosciences and Semillas Fito Research and commercial development agreement for extended shelf-life tomatoes
10/28/08 Arcadia Biosciences Announces $15 Million Funding to Support Commercial Product Development and Expansion of Agricultural Biotechnology Offerings
10/20/08 Arcadia Names Wendy Neal as Vice President and Chief Legal Officer
09/10/08 Arcadia Biosciences Named a 2008 Tech Awards Laureate by the Tech Museum of Innovation
06/05/08 Arcadia Biosciences and ScottsMiracle-Gro to Develop Nitrogen Use Efficient Grass
04/24/08 Arcadia Biosciences Contributes Technology License to the African Agricultural Technology Foundation to Develop Nitrogen Efficient and Salt Tolerant African Rice
04/14/08 Arcadia Biosciences and MAHYCO Announce Multi-Crop, Multi-Technology Licensing Agreement
03/12/08 DuPont and Arcadia Biosciences Collaborate to Improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Corn
02/22/08 Arcadia Biosciences and Bioriginal Food and Science Corp. Enter Strategic Alliance to Market High GLA Safflower Oil
12/10/07 Arcadia Biosciences Reports Progress in Drought-Tolerance Crop Development
10/30/07 Arcadia Biosciences’ GLA-enriched Safflower Oil Offers Consumers A Practical Way To Benefit From Gamma Linolenic Acid
10/10/07 Arcadia Biosciences and Australian Research Organizations Enter Research and Commercial License Agreement for Development of Nitrogen Use Efficient Wheat
05/03/07 Arcadia Biosciences and Chinese Province Agree to Establish Methods for Carbon Credit Trading Based on Nitrogen use Efficient Rice
04/26/07 Arcadia Biosciences And SESVanderHave Seeds Enter Research And Commercial License Agreement For Development Of Nitrogen Use Efficient Sugar Beets
04/03/07 Development of Commercial Nitrogen Use Efficient Canola Varieties Shows Early Development Success
10/02/06 Arcadia Biosciences Licenses Corn and Rice Transformation Technology From Japan Tobacco
09/21/06 Technology to Battle "Dead Zones" Closer to Reality
08/30/06 Arcadia Biosciences Appoints Mark Wong to its Board of Directors
04/20/06 Arcadia has achieved research results demonstrating 65 percent gamma linolenic acid (GLA) in the oil from safflower seeds. These high levels of GLA hold promise of providing consumers with a more cost-effective and convenient source of the health-promotin
03/22/06 Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. and Cal/West Seeds enter into agreement to develop GLA Safflower
11/14/05 Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. Achieves high levels of GLA in Safflower
10/31/05 Arcadia Biosciences receives NIH research grant to develop soybean varieties with desired levels of isoflavones
10/05/05 Arcadia Biosciences and Washington State University receive NIH Grant to research wheat with reduced celiac disease-causing protein
09/20/05 Arcadia Biosciences, Monsanto Company announce commercial licensing deal for Nitrogen Use Efficiency Technology in canola
09/14/05 U.S. Department of Defense to pay Arcadia Biosciences $2.9 million for development of longer-lasting tomatoes and lettuce
08/10/05 Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. Names Chief Science Officer
06/16/05 Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. Acquires Anawah, Inc.
09/29/04 Don Emlay to Lead Arcadia’s Regulatory Affairs and Compliance Initiatives
06/01/04 Arcadia Biosciences Enters into Funded Agreement with SemBioSys to Support Its Program for GLA Safflower
03/22/04 Arcadia Biosciences Licenses Proprietary Salt-Tolerance Gene Portfolio to Cal/West Seeds for Use in Alfalfa